Friday, March 2, 2012

A tribute a year later...

This is what I did on Valentines day. A day to remember and a day I'll never forget. 

Last year, this world lost a great man. Everyone paid their respects by standing next to a photo of him and sharing a shot, Irish Whiskey I believe it was. It was a very sad day. I didn't get to pay my respects by taking a shot with him because I was growing a baby. I was growing his grandson whom he'll never have the pleasure to meet or watch grow up. I lost my Dad on Valentines Day last year and it still feels like yesterday.

I was able to share the good news of a baby 2 weeks before that and he was so excited. And sad because he knew he would not be here to see the baby. It saddened me as well to know that. But I also know that he is up there looking down on me and Jackson every day. 

My brother and I lost our dad. But I beg to differ that we didn't 'lose' him, he just left us for a while. We'll meet again someday and it will be great. He is still in our hearts and minds and I know he is looking down upon us and smiling at how proud he is of who we've grown to be as adults. 

So this year, while I'm in Arizona and my brother in Colorado, we shared a tribute shot over the phone. Him toasting to my Dad and me finally getting to share a shot I missed out on last year. Not to say the grieving is over, because it surely is not, but now I've been able to complete the tribute that everyone else got to do last year.

I'll make sure Jackson grows up to know who his grandfather was. His music tastes, his cooking, gardening, and his stubbornness because as a little boy I'm sure he'll have that too.

So here's to you Dad. A year after you've gone and not a single day has gone by that I haven't thought of you or wished you were here. Yes I cry a lot, maybe its all the emotions, hormones or the fact I'm a girl, but it is ok to cry and I will. 

I love you.

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