Saturday, March 31, 2012

I grew a child in there!

Going through some pictures today (and taking some GREAT ones, which I'll share later!) I came across these.

29 weeks -- June 29th
 How cute I was back in June. Just a small little bump, but definite baby-figure!
36 weeks -- Aug 22nd
 Then August came, and towards the end I was so huge and none of my clothes fit. I didn't think I could keep growing....but I did. And then I kept growing. And grew some more.

I'm not ashamed to admit I gained 35 lbs during my pregnancy. I believe at least 20 lbs was pure water, as I lost close to that within a week of giving birth. Then there is Jackson who came out weighing over 9 1/2 lbs, which leaves about 6-7 lbs left of fat/extra "stuff". Sounds about right to me.

I've been doing what I can to get back to pre-pregnancy weight and have done a pretty good job I think. I'm back, but now with stretch marks. *Sigh*. But I don't get beat up over having stretch marks because I didn't just get fat, I grew a child inside my body. So these stretch marks I'm proud of. While I will never have a tummy that is as clean and young looking as I did before, I'm a mom and I have something to show for it. And as long as I'm healthy and doing the right things, eating right and exercising, I will feel good about myself and that is all I need. 

A little motivation for others out there who may struggle with this and/or have thought about this, and for myself. It never hurts to remind yourself of your goals and your purpose for doing things.

Next up, some way too cute pictures of Jackson I snapped today while he was being cute and we were getting ready to go. I've been wanting to do some cute set up photos for his 6 month, but these may have to do it. They turned out pretty good, especially for just going with it and snapping away.

Poor little bean is teething and broke through two teeth this weekend. Did a fabulous job by the way, but has been extra cranky. Poor guy!

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