Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mr. Bean: 10 months old

My how time flies. The photos below were from back in June. Jackson was being pretty cute just sitting on the couch playing. He thinks he's such a big boy (and he is) sitting on the couch. 

Hard to believe in 2 short months he will be 1 year old. Holy moly?! He's changed so much in just a short time. He's now 10 months old (photos are 1 month late, oops!)

He's currently working on his top two teeth coming in. It's been pretty rough. Chewing on everything. He has two on the bottom already. He is starting to pull himself up on things and wants to walk so badly. He can sit up, roll over and talk your ear off. He says "mmmmmaaaammmmaaaa" and "dadadadada" and "baabaabaa" and almost wants to say cat, or at least go eat her. Lucy is a trooper and puts up with everything.

He's eating lots of food, still mostly purees as he has trouble with textures of things. Sweet potato, avocado (fav), squash, zucchini, carrots, apples (fav), peaches, pears, peas (not so fav), oatmeal, cherry, blueberry, yogurt, puff cereal.

Still sleeping good through the night, except when teething. He's up 2-3 times and does not like/want to take a nap during the day. We're lucky if we get 45 min max (maybe 1 hr). Poor guy.

He is starting to prefer being spoon fed to the bottle. Yay on saving on formula?! He loves swimming and bath time. Anyone who's met him has commented on how he waves his arms when excited. I don't know where he learned it but it is the cutest thing ever!

We love our little Bean. Mommy better get cracking at this birthday stuff!

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