Monday, March 28, 2011

Is it spring or summer?!

For all those of you who still are getting snow and cold weather this spring, I hope you begin to warm up soon and enjoy spring time. Spring is here! However, in the desert Spring doesn't always mean "nice weather for outdoor activities" as we approach that triple digit number. Yes I'm talking about the 100. It is nearly around the corner for us.

Here is our outlook for this week. Approaching record temp's this week by Friday with some nice warm weather. I say warm, yes, to most of you this will be a July type weather pattern. Mid to upper 80's here feels great this time of year. Sunny, warm weather to get outside and start hitting the pool. But let's slow down and not reach for that 100 mark just yet, please! It will be here soon enough I'm afraid. Nothing like bringing in April like upper 90's?!?!

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