Sunday, March 20, 2011

This week was a turning point

Not anything major, but somewhat of a big deal to me at least. I think (think being the keyword here) that I might, just might, be over this nausea and all-day sickness feeling of pregnancy. I'm not getting too excited yet, but in the last 3 days I've actually wanted to eat and been hungry. Woohoo! So here's to hoping and crossing my fingers. I still eat pretty often just to try to avoid the feeling but I'm hoping I'll start to really enjoy pregnancy now, ha!

On another note, upon following my lovely friend Amy's blog Eating with my Mouth Open She has been doing a weekly post on Friday called "Random *Ridays" where she encourages people to post something random that has been on your mind all week. I've wanted to post and be involved in this but I haven't been posting regularly and haven't had a whole lot on my mind, besides NOT getting sick. So I encourage you to follow her blog, she's an AMAZING cook and whips up some great meals, and also check out her Random *Ridays posts.

Here's what's been on my mind this week:

{images via here}
 Not necessarily this type of cottage cheese, but cottage cheese nonetheless and strawberries oh my! I'm hooked on them. Pregnancy craving or healthy eating?! Possibly both, but I'm a pretty healthy eater anyway so this isn't really out of the norm for me. Just glad to be eating foods I like and want to eat for a change.

Happy Eating! :)

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Merut said...

Thanks for the shout-out Char! I may be wrong, but it looks like strawberries are on your mind . . . and maybe breakfast. Do you mix your cottage cheese with strawberries? I've never really tried that before, but I know people enjoy it. Glad to hear your hunger is coming back. I was starting to miss some of your good ol' cookin'!