Thursday, May 31, 2012

Challenge: Accepted

Just the motivation I needed. A challenge I will complete with flying colors, of sweat. 30 days of commitment. If only the weather was cooler than 106 degrees.

The challenge is called Juneathon. A month long challenge to work out or run every single day and blog about it. So yes, that means you'll be seeing lots of posts from me but mostly about working out. If this turns you off, please don't be afraid. I will be posting other stuff and it is only a month long!

If you're up for it, join along. You don't have to blog about it, but it is a great opportunity to get motivated to get in shape. Make an effort to get out and do something active every single day this month. And if you live in the desert oven like I do, maybe working out inside a gym will be better. Not that running in 108+ degrees in the middle of the afternoon doesn't sound like a blast, or perhaps waiting until it cools down after sunset to run at 8pm when its only 101 degrees, sound better?

Be smart, don't overheat and over-exert yourself. Stay hydrated!

Speaking of hydration...

Nuun is a new thing I've discovered. It is a great enhancement to water and adds electrolytes which you sweat out while running/working out. Water is obviously the best to stay hydrated, but you need electrolytes too.

 Nuun is great for this. If you've ever tried Emergen-C drink mix, which I also love and drink very often to help fight against getting sick and for a pick me up with tons of Vitamin C, this tastes very similar. Scratch that, the lemon-lime flavor tastes similar. There are tons of flavors. I tried the lemon-lime and the strawberry lemonade. Yum! You just drop a tab in 16 oz of water, wait for it to fizzle-dizzle-dissolve and BAM you've got a tasty drink. No added sugar, so it's not too sweet. I find it to be amazing after a workout. Go get some Nuun on!

Ok enough with the ads. Not that I'm being endorsed, but if anyone out there would like to, I'd be happily accepting :)

Happy active June everyone!

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