Sunday, May 27, 2012

A day in the life of Jackson

Here are some photos from mommy's phone of me over the last couple weeks. I'm pretty cute, so enjoy!

P.S. I can't type and I told mommy to say this.

Having a meeting with all of my friends. They listen very well.

Daddy comes home from work and I put him to sleep while I play. Sleepy time Daddy!

Mommy had to see this eclipse and I don't understand that geek science stuff yet, but I will I'm sure.

I have so much fun playing with toys and all mom wants to do is take pictures and play with me. 

We go grocery shopping and now I'm big enough to sit in the cart without my carseat. I can see everything going on and I tell mom what we need next.

Now that it's getting warm hot outside I'm sure we'll be spending more time here. Is this a big bathtub?

Getting ready to go swimming, I have my own teething items sandals, sunglasses and outfit.

And when mom and dad go out places I must come along, where else would I go? I draw in the crowds because let's face it, I'm too cool.

I hope you enjoyed some photos. Mommy really needs to post some more on here, but she sure is one busy mommy. I love her so much. I think I'll sleep real good for her tonight so she is rested and then we can play lots more!

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