Monday, May 28, 2012

Trees, Camping & Bears--Sequoia

Earlier this month we took a week long trip to California. Josh, myself and my brother Jimmy came along. My parents were nice enough to come out here to watch Jackson, and they got to spend a week vacation with him, double bonus!

In Idylwild, CA at our campsite with a Sugar Pine Pinecone

The trip was Josh's idea, for his birthday he wanted to do something big, so we did. We went to see the biggest trees on Earth: Sequoia trees in Sequoia National Park. It is an understatement when you say these trees are huge. They are almost fake looking due to how big they are. We all were in awe as to how big they were.

We spent 7 days out there, with no shower. No big deal. We camped in tents, and even a few nights the boys didn't sleep in the tents, just out under the stars in their sleeping bags. We camped by the beach in Malibu, CA, spent a night in the mountains east of San Diego near Hemet in a little town called Idylwild and camped in the great Sequoia National Park the rest of the time. 

We drove through parts of California I'd never known about. Lots of agriculture land and fruit and citrus groves that stretched for miles and miles. Yes, this was California. We even drove, ahem, I drove through the great Los Angeles. But not during rush hour. We drove along the Pacific Coast Highway along the coast for a while and got to see the rolling hills against the Ocean. Can I live there? So beautiful.

We saw so many deer they became like birds, just naturally around. Not afraid of us, but we became curious why they were so relaxed with us. One time a deer came so close to my brother we all thought she was going to charge him. Josh and I even saw a bear on our last day hike there. He kept his distance, but now I can say I saw a bear in real life (not just at the zoo).

General Sherman, the biggest tree & living organism in the world. Sequoia National Park, CA.

The road trip was great. We three had a great time together being silly, helping each other cook, clean, search for firewood and navigate as we drove to places none of us had visited before. 

The Auto Log that you used to be able to drive on. 
Look at that root base compared to the size of the car! 

The brown bear we saw on our hike.

Thanks boys for a great trip! 

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