Monday, June 21, 2010

Canyon Trip - Rock Climbing & Cliff Jumping

First off I have to say what an amazing day we had yesterday! Starting off we didn't know exactly what we were getting into. We were told via email what to bring and what not to bring, however being the photo-freak I am I still brought my NON-waterproof camera :). We were also informed that we would be "hiking through/down into a canyon and be going through some water". Now from reading this, I would have guessed we would be going on a moderate hike, maybe trek through a creek or river MAYBE knee to waist deep in parts but mostly just out for the day and enjoy the sights. Well, I was partly right. In our group of 10, 3 people had been there before. Man oh man what a day! It turned out better than I had expected and I was already excited to get out of town for the day. While we didn't get to spend Father's day with our fathers, being out of state, we spent the day together and with a great group of people I am now proud to call our friends.

From the pictures I do have, taking turns Josh and I taking pictures, they just don't do justice. The water in parts had to be 20+ feet deep and according to Ariel who had been here many, many times there are places where no one has ever touched the bottom. It was amazing to me just how deep parts were. Trekking through the water there were huge bolders under the water that you couldn't see. Literally the only thing you could wear that you wouldn't have to carry anything was a swimming suit, shoes and shorts. I even ditched my shirt near the beginning so I wouldn't have to carry it. Like I said, we did bring a camera. We had a dry bag, that didn't completely stay dry. My camera did get wet. Soaked actually. I started the day with the thought "If I don't come home with a camera or a working camera, I can handle that". So the disappointment wouldn't be so rough. But, here I am a day later with pictures to tell and a camera that functions.

The canyon was so beautiful. The sides towered tall enough to hear your voice echo at some places. The rocks were smooth in places; smooth enough to slide on. The climb back out was more difficult than the hike in. There were at least 3 places where it took great body strength to pull yourself up, with very little to no foot or hand holds. I am proud of myself for being able to do that, it was fun! I walked out with a rip in my shorts, luckily didn't rip my swimsuit bottoms, two very impressive bruises which hurt pretty bad that day and more so the next day, an overall sore body with close to every single muscle worked & a sense of ambition, adventure, adrenaline and accomplishment for an overall epic day.

Keep in mind with the pictures, especially the video (to be posted later) of me jumping off the cliff, I am ok. With some bruises on the back of my leg and a few "dotted" purple bruises here and there I am ok. I do bruise easily. With the amount of pictures I have, I am going to link to them here on my Photo page Look for the June 20th bunch. Here is a sneak peak:

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