Saturday, June 19, 2010

Southwest Forecast

I love it when I can put to use the skills I've learned. Growing up in Colorado I've come to know how the weather sets up, works and falls apart pretty well. Now that I'm in a different location, different climate it is a bit more of a challenge to learn how the weather behaves down here. It is exciting nonetheless. I'm very excited for what the Monsoon Season brings.

With that being said, I'm looking ahead to the end of this week. There is a nice high pressure system building over much of Texas and Louisiana. With another low coming off the Oregon/Washington coast some good southwesterly flow will be present. Not much in the way of moisture for this area as the low pushes eastward to our north. Insert high pressure here. With a high pressure building in there is a chance for more moisture to come into play. I've never seen a high pressure system set up like they do here before. I've always known low's to move through with their cyclonic motion and push on out. With a high pressure system and the clockwise motion, here is where the warm air and moisture from the Gulf aid in thunderstorm build-up. The terrian here is a bit backwards to that of Colorado, at least I think so. In Colorado the mountains are to the west. Enough said. Here in Arizona, there are "mountains" all around. I use the term mountains loosely because to me they aren't as tall. Though some are pretty tall! Regardless, there is a large mountain range to the East and Northeast of Phoenix. With a high building in, there are great conditions setting up for some upslope flow. Add a little moisture, a pinch of daytime heating...Sha-bam we have thunderstorms!

Keeping an eye out for the latter part of this week. There may not be any thunderstorms that develop, but it is a start. And there is a flux of moisture into the area. Monsoon Season officially started June 15 and lasts until September 30. From what I've been told around the office, we should be getting some thunderstorms the first part of July. Bring on the severe weather :)

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