Thursday, June 3, 2010

Making Headlines

I never really knew just how important it was to hit the first 100-degree day here in Phoenix, but man I sure was fighting back the phone calls! We were forecasting to hit 99 on Thursday May 20th and 100 on Friday May 21st. So of course we had everyone and their brother calling on Thursday asking, "Where are we now?", "Do you think we'll hit it today?", and even "I know you are going to hit 100, so just say you are". Well, we didn't make it! However, on Friday we did make it. Actually went to 101. I talked to so many news reporters that day and they were taking my name down. I had hopes I would make it into the news paper somehow...and I did! Made it in Arizona Central.

Next up, going for 110! We are looking to reach near record temperatures this weekend, which means 110-113 by Monday. With the humidity so low, I'm talking 8-17%, the heat hasn't been too bad. And of course I haven't seen anything yet I know, but I'm just getting prepared for the much hotter weather. Good thing we have a pool in our condo complex!

NWS Phoenix, AZ


Martijn Coenen said...

I was about to write "how cool" but I guess that is misplaced here :-)

kristindewey said...

So can I call you too to ask about if we are going to have 100 degree weather in Colorado? :) JK.
Pretty darn hot there! Congrats on making it in the news. Now I know who to reference when Ed's sis in Tucson complains about the meteorologists...I will just tell her it's not you. :) At least you get it right! :)

kristindewey said...

Hey--it's like Greg fielding the calls for the water restrictions in Loveland :)