Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Heat Is On...

As we approach the end of May here in Phoenix it is just the beginning of the Heat Season. The season where the temperature will go above 100 for consecutive days in a row. The first 100 degree day of the year was recorded on May 21st topping out at a high of 101 for that day. Since then, we have not hit 100...yet. There was an article that was sent out talking about if this season would be cooler overall since we hadn't hit 100 yet. There is no real connection with the overall seasonal temperatures and the date of the first 100 degree day (as statistics were collected and analyzed). It will definitely be a shock to me as I've never seen temperatures above 100. I'm a bit excited to see temperatures go beyond 100 just for the pure joy of seeing it. The heat here in Arizona is dry, not much humidity at all, so it's a nice heat, for me anyway! I've never seen humidity values as low as they have been here, in the teens even. As I'm well aware and have been informed the Monsoon will bring humidity back up and should be quite the show for severe weather here in Arizona. I'm also excited to see that and a dust storm or two.

This is the forecast for next Sunday here in Phoenix as of now, 111 for the high! Dew points in the mid 20's, I just can't believe it. People have told me that when the wind blows here that it feels like a blow dryer, and they are correct. It does.

As I'm writing this the current temperature is 98 degrees here in Phoenix. Some people love warm weather, some people love cold weather, some like the beach and some like the snow. I wouldn't consider myself a true meteorologist unless I've been able to experience as many different weather types and phenomenons as I can. I am really looking forward to the 100+ degree weather just to experience it. I can't say that I don't miss the snow in Colorado because I do. I can also say it is no fun to get in your car and use oven mitts on the steering wheel to drive, because I have done that too.

Images courtesy NWS Phoenix

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