Thursday, May 27, 2010

Food Frenzy & Great Thursday

Was feeling pretty inspired today after a great workout and some dancing around the house to Rolling Stones & Def Leppard brought on this post! Some new finds for meals & tasty ideas I've come across this week. First off, a very yummy, cool, refreshing drink we were turned on to. Combining Arizona Pomegranate Green Tea with Lemonade. A new and tasty twist to an Arnold Palmer. Delicious!
For lunch today I was in the mood for something kind of light and quick, but didn't want to make a sandwich. So I decided to make some pasta and use some pesto sauce I have in the fridge. I did find a recipe to make home-made pesto sauce, so that will be my next task. I'm also going to be making homemade pasta, can't wait!
Then for dinner I was still in a pasta mood, haha! So I made Italian sausage with grilled peppers and onions with penne pasta in a tomato sauce. Yummy!!
Next up: I'll make sure to include pictures of the yummy homemade pasta, hoping to make ravioli and some more sausage dishes. I'm planning to make whole wheat pasta. I also want to try some homemade sauces and I got a recipe from my aunt for some brownie-cookie bites, sounds yummy! I'm still on the veggie-rice kick, but trying out other things :)

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