Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Evening

An end to a weekend and a start to a new week. Thought I would post a quick note before heading off to bed. Saturday was a 2 year anniversary for the Windsor, CO tornado that struck very close to home for me. It was a very large part of my life for the last 2 years as I was part of the Colorado Spirit and University of Northern Colorado Student Chapter of the AMS team to help educate people around Northern Colorado about tornadoes, severe weather and safety of such events. I really enjoyed doing all of this. I like helping others and teaching people about these events. Maybe it will be a path I take later on in life. With this anniversary I have been watching as closely as I can (given I'm in Arizona!) to the skies for severe weather over the last week. What a rush it must be to be out there chasing. I'm living vicariously through my storm chaser friends and loving all of the pictures and videos pouring in. Great job to all! I hope someday I can be fortunate enough to chase more often than I have so far. I'll include a picture of a tornado I was able to chase last year in Wyoming. This was the La Grange, WY tornado on June 5, 2009. My very first tornado! Needless to say I was pretty ecstatic about this! I didn't get as close as I probably could have, but given I was chasing by myself (not the intended plan) and didn't have a good network of internet or radar or map of the roads (thanks to a few friends via phone for the needed info) I got as close as I could and felt safe.
Weather is such a passion of mine and I am so lucky to share this passion with a great group of close friends. Have a great week!

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Martijn Coenen said...

Since the first time I read a Tweet from you, I know weather is your passion. And even in your writing on this blog you can see that! So nice to read you are hoping to help people and educate them about these dangers.