Thursday, May 20, 2010


Inspired by Hey Gorgeous's blog I decided to do a post on inspiration. A little bit wise this morning :)
I'm not perfect.
I'm just me. 
I love the rain.
I could sit and stare at the clouds or stars for hours.
I love to learn  new things.
Science makes me happy.
I love watching, playing and talking sports.
Grew up playing outside with the boys, so I'm tough.
I love a good love-story, chick-flick, tear-jerker movie.
I look forward to tomorrow and what the future holds.
I'm a pretty positive person.
I love my family & friends more than they know.
The little things in life make me happy.
I dance for no reason at any time.
I think people who look for the good & fun in things have more fun.
People who believe in themselves first are happier.
I laugh at myself.
I'm afraid of the dark. Seriously.

I'll leave with this lyric from KC & The Sunshine Band:
"I'm walking on sunshine, Whoa-oh, and don't it feel good!"

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Kim Insana said...

I love you! We will set something up here! Great recipes...I am going to try the stir fry with brown rice recipe! You look great!