Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tribute to Mother's Day

I love celebrating Mother's day simply because I love my Mother and my Grandma. The last few years have become more meaningful with so many of my good friends becoming mother's. I hope that one day I can be as good of a mother as my mother and grandmother have been to me.

My mom is and always has been my best friend. I'd say I am pretty lucky because during my pre-teen and teenage years I didn't fight or rebel against my mom like some teenage girls do. Maybe I was the odd one? Who knows. I've always respected her, whether I understood her logic or not, and I knew she knew best. It wasn't so much that I feared my mom but that she meant business and I respect that. Like I said, she is my best friend. My grandma, or Grams as I call her, is also one pretty amazing lady! She's always been full of great advice, fun sayings and she will tell you the truth! She is pretty honest when it comes to what she likes, dislikes or what is bothering her. I would say when I was younger that I may have feared her and was afraid to get in trouble. It is one thing to get in trouble by your parents but Grams will punish you harder! Lucky for me, I didn't get in trouble all that often!

My Mom & I Sept 2006

As for my friends that have become mother's, I must say I respect them even more. As great of a friend as they have been to me, to watch them become mother's is just amazing. It is really great to watch people become parents and how they can care and love one another so much. Like I said, I can only hope to one day be such a great mom.

So here's to all the Mother's out there, Mother's to be and Grandmother's. Thank you for being such a wonderful Mom.

My sister Steph & Kayden May 12, 2007

I don't have pictures of all my favorite mom's out there, sorry!


kristindewey said...

That's very sweet. Just don't forget your other grandma--grandma Shirley. She sometimes talks about not hearing from you. She's not getting any younger either. :)

Josh and Char said...

I know, I put her in a picture in the next post. I don't forget about her.