Saturday, June 12, 2010

Road Trip to California

On Tuesday I got to take a road trip with my brother Jim back to California to help him finish moving. He is now Colorado bound and safely made it back there by mid week. I was so excited to have him stay with us for a few days. We got to spend some good time together. The road trip was pretty fun, short but fun. We drove to California and back all in one day, but still got to see the ocean! We cruised around on base for a while so he could do some final paperwork and then we stopped at the beach in Oceanside. Enjoyed our ride back home while listening to some funny movie clips and great songs that made us both smile and laugh. He is my best friend.

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kristindewey said...

COOL! I use to go to that pier in Oceanside A LOT during 1992-1994. I loved that pier so much, and the ocean waves. I miss it. Don't want to live there, but miss it. I would like to take Kira there some day (again) since she was born in Oceanside at Tri-County.
Spent many *ugh* wonderful times at the Naval Hospital at Pendleton while I was pregnant with her. Would not want to do that again either.
Glad you got to be able to do that for your brother.

See you soon!