Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day

I was lucky enough to have Memorial Day off. Josh had to work. I decided to take a small road trip up to Flagstaff (320 miles round trip). It was gorgeous up there! Reminded me so much of Colorado. The drive was beautiful going up and coming down. You could definitely tell where the elevation began to affect the plants, where the cactus stopped and the pine trees started. I'll admit I was enjoying the ride up maybe a bit too much, singing in the car and just having a lot of fun. I enjoy road trips! You would think I might be sick of them, having driven all the way to Atlanta, GA in January and back but I don't mind them really. Enables me to see more scenery and more places I may not have seen. It's also just nice to get out. I did most of my picture taking while driving, though I did get out a few times and take some pictures. It was windy so I only got one of myself! Never thought I would see an Elk Crossing sign in Arizona! The city/town of Bumblebee...haha...NOT!

Later on that afternoon back at home.....
New curtains, posted just for Mom! And Lucy was being pretty cute too...:)

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