Monday, July 11, 2011

Dinner @ Dewey's Italian Bistro

I know it's been a while since I've posted a cooking/food post. I've been busy with work and being pregnant has kind of taken my motivation for taking pictures of my cooking and creating new dishes away. I still have been cooking and making some pretty good dishes, I might add, but just haven't had the motivation to post about them. My bad!

Anyway, here's to last Tuesday night's dinner (again, evey intention of posting this LAST week, geez). Ah-may-zing. First off, we all know how much I love pasta. That's a given. I decided to make meatballs. From scratch. I remember watching an episode of Giada at Home on Foodnetwork where she added Parmesan to her noodles and Rachael Ray where she made meatballs and added mozzarella cheese to the middle, so I took that inspiration to make these meatballs with Parmesan cheese. YUM!!

I used fettuccine noodles, a bottled creamy tomato vodka sauce and sage pork sausage for the base. 

I used 1 lb of pork sage sausage for the meatballs. Added about a cup of dried bread crumbs (any kind will do, I used italian seasoned), and about 1/3 cup grated parmesan cheese, and a good sprinkle of garlic salt. I was able to make 18 meatballs out of just 1 lb, though the breadcrumbs do help to add consistency. I baked them on a cookie sheet, covered with EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) at 400 F degrees for about 15 minutes. I cut one open to check doneness.

Next, I just cooked the noodles regular and simmered a creamy tomato vodka sauce, out of the bottle. I know, not very creative there, but the meatballs were really my main focus for the meal. Hang with me a second.

After the meatballs were done, I added them to the sauce and let simmer a few more minutes. While this wasn't a difficult dish to make, it had been a long time since we'd had meatballs with spaghetii. Overall, a great and mostly simple dish to make.

Happy Pasta Eating!

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Jessie Szmanda said...

o...m...g YUM!! I really really want this please!