Thursday, November 11, 2010

A "can't-put-this-book-down-for-a-second" book

I recently read a great book. Scratch that, a very touching, heart-felt, message-worthy, eye-opening book that a good friend at work let me borrow. I think I finished the entire thing in 3 nights of reading. Wow. Seriously what a message it has. I think I'm going to get a copy of this book to read again, and in hopes the husband will read it too. I would recommend this book to friends as well. There are 3 authors of the book, one of which is a pastor at a church we started going to here in Phoenix. He's a great speaker and tells such a wonderful message. The way he speaks totally paints a picture for me and really helps me understand what is being taught.

The authors John Lynch, Bill Thrall, and Bruce McNicol wrote the book "Bo's Cafe" Bo's Cafe website here.

The message of the book is pretty well summarized on the site:

"Maybe we picked up “Bo’s Café”, hoping for a good story, a nice vacation read. We soon realize we can’t put it down, but aren’t sure why. We’re gripped by the drama and yet, at points, we’re laughing out loud. Then we start seeing ourselves in one or more of the characters. We see friends and those we long to care for but don’t know how. Gradually, almost imperceptibly, it now becomes a book of wisdom, for a way of life I had almost stopped believing was possible. Now, we’re underlining entire paragraphs. About two-thirds of the way through, the story actually begins to frighten us…because we’re not sure Steven will ever get this way of life he’s being offered. He’s been ruining his life and the lives of those around him. And what if he never gets it? Will we? Can we? Anxiousness then gives way to playful delight and great hope. We are crying, then laughing, then smiling as we begin to find resolution to pain we’ve been carrying for decades. We are deeply sad when the story finishes. We want it to go on and on, until our lives look like those of Carlos, Cynthia, Andy, Lindsey, Steven, Hank and Bo.

It all undoes us…then leaves us longing and desperate to form such a community for ourselves and those we love. It captivates our souls. We read it again…Then we start making phone calls. Next thing we know we’re sitting on the deck of our own Bo’s Café, with a group of friends, writing our own story "

I think this book is great bcause no matter where you are in your life, you can some how relate to the characters in it and find yourself among those people going through the same situations.

Bottom line: you're not alone, never were and never will be. It is the process of finding the other(s) that need you and want you and that you can connect with and have a relationship with so that you too can see yourself in a different perspective.

That is all for now. Have a wonderful Friday!

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