Wednesday, November 3, 2010

the magic word is: family

This past weekend was Halloween, but for me it was Thanksgiving. My family came into town {Mom, Dad and brother} and we got to spend the entire weekend together. It was a much needed family time together. We didn't do anything spectacularly exciting other than hang out with each other and take in the time together -- which was by far the best thing we could have done! So my idea was to celebrate Thanksgiving on Sunday, which was Halloween, since we won't get to see each other in November for the real Thanksgiving. What a riot it was! It really didn't feel like Halloween in the first place, since the temperature outside was above 85 degrees and there were clear skies and green leaves on all of the trees. Something about that picture just doesn't scream "cold-gloomy-trick-or-treat-weather" anyway. By the time my mom and I were in the kitchen cooking away it started to smell like Thanksgiving and I kept saying that it smelled like Thanksgiving. It really did make it feel like Thanksgiving by having my mom there helping me cook. What a great time we had! The boys were out in the living room watching TV; changing between football games and movies.

It was a great weekend overall and I was sad when they leave early Monday morning. Lucy even was running through the house all day looking for them all. She loves to go into the spare room that they stayed in and wait for them to come back. Poor little girl doesn't realize they won't be back for a while. She sure did love having the extra people around. She really takes a liking to Jimmy {brother} and is so fascinated by him, but who isn't??

So without further a-do, pictures of the weekend :)
Me and the Jimmy

Us girls were out grilling and enjoying the hot tub!

Road trip to Avondale

Random cotton field...we had to stop

Thanksgiving favorite: Cranberry-Apple Casserole

The feast!

The boys doing dishes - Hard to believe I know!
It was such a wonderful weekend and I'm so glad we got to spend time together. I miss them all already

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