Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Popeye Eats Spinach & You Should Too!

Your mom always told you to eat your vegetables, and it was for a good reason. Vegetables have so many benefits to our bodies and can be prepared in so many ways to make them taste good. Yes, i said vegetables can and do taste good. Remember that cartoon Popeye?
The fuel for that superhero was Spinach! How many cartoon superhero's were telling kids to eat Spinach, let alone any vegetable, to be stronger?! He was on to something. I found a great recipe over at The Health Seekers Kitchen site for a green smoothie drink, and I've modified it just a bit to my own liking. Let me tell you this first before you dis this drink: It doesn't taste like spinach! I only taste the banana and it is a great boost-giver when you need one or great after a workout. Spinach has so many great benefits: full of Vitamin A and K (helping weak eyes/eye strain and helping anti-aging), Calcium and Iron to name a few benefits. Overall, we should all have more of it in our diet. You should strive to eat something green (not moldy green!) everyday. So, I'd like to share this green smoothie-drink with you. 

In a blender add:
about 1 cup spinach
1 cup water (cold)
1-2 bananas; better if frozen to make more of a smoothie consistency
2-3 tablespoons wheatgerm

*I add wheatgerm as an additional protein supplement. This is a great additive in almost anything! Banana bread, pumpkin bread, muffins, waffles, etc. It doesn't change the flavor of whatever you're making, just adds more goodness!

  I know this looks  pretty strange being green and all, but like I said, you CAN NOT taste the spinach. I only taste banana. I think it would also be great to add blueberries or strawberries as well. Enjoy!

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Merut said...

I definitely need to get a blender! But I'm putting it off so other people can get me one for my wedding - but that is a whole year away! I love spinach! Thanks for suggesting wheat germ. I've never used it, but I probably should give it a try.