Sunday, November 7, 2010

Half a decade has passed...

Hard to believe how fast 5 years go by, but it does go by pretty quick. A short (or long) 5 years ago on November 4th, 2005 a first date was had that would spark the chemistry between two people who now are married. Yes, I'm talking about Josh and I's first date, stay with me here.

Our first date consisted of ice skating in Fort Collins, CO at the Epic Center. What memories. Josh tried to jump over the wall to impress me, like all hockey players do, it was cute. But he ended up falling, not hurting himself. I think he might have been nervous :) Then we went and played frisbee golf over in a park near the ice skating rink. That was pretty fun, and it was beautiful outside, perfect weather! And then we went over to Rasta Pasta....ah so many fond memories of Rasta Pasta. Probably one of my all-time favorite restaurants ever. First off, I love pasta, so that was easy. The flavors and varieties of pasta there were great. Every time we were in Fort Collins and deciding where to eat, Rasta Pasta came first to my mind.

So let's back up just a sec. How did we meet? I worked with a guy named John B. in Loveland, CO at the time. We'd worked together for 6 years and became such great friends. He had always been into hockey and always talked about his team playing in Greeley. I was in my second year in college at UNC in Greeley. John started asking me to come watch their hockey games, so I decided I didn't have much else to do on Friday nights so I went to watch. I quickly made friends with all the other girlfriends and wives of the guys that played. A couple of the guys that played were actually cousins, one being John. I met Rebekah, who was the girlfriend of John D. She mentioned one time that Dewey (this is how everyeone referred to Josh, by his last name) had feelings for me and liked me. This was back in...July I believe when I started coming to watch.

So come Halloween and the famous, annual Halloween party at Mikey (the goalie on the team) and Jesse's house. To make a long story short, Josh was there later that night and we kind of formally met that night, ah-em and by that I mean we kissed. So Rebekah gave him my number and the week after we talked almost every night on the phone and decided to have a real date, insert November 4th.

From then on it was history so to say, or I guess the present as we're still together?! We'd dated for 4 years before getting engaged and now have been married for one year and have been together for a total of 5. Time really does fly.

Talk about a blast from the past! Taken November 2005. From top left: Courtney M. (Just married to Andrew, fellow hockey player), Kim M. (Married to Jeff, fellow hockey player and cousin to John B. and Mikey M.), Rebekah D. (Married to John D., fellow hockey player), Stephanie B. (Married to John B., fellow hockey player) and Leota B. (Married to Steve B., fellow hockey player). See I was a perfect fit!

Hanging out at Leota and Steve's house after a hockey game one Friday night. We had MANY Friday nights like this. With Josh and I are Courtney and Andrew, recently married! This was the first "couple" picture of Josh and I, maybe a week after we'd started dating.

Our first Easter, 2006
May 2006
May 2006
April 2006, hockey players behind us!
Memorial Day 2006, fishing at Red Feather Lakes, CO

January 2008

May 2009

June 2009, engagement picture

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kristindewey said...

And Char--that is why you are a perfect fit into the Dewey-Herbst family! We love you both!!

Hey--in the hockey players behind you pic--who are they?