Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Sunday hike & photo shoot

Josh and I got lucky, due to him getting last Saturday off and me getting both Saturday & Sunday off from trading at work, to have this last weekend off together, saaaweeet!

While we didn't get as much done as I'd hoped, usually doesn't go that way anyway, we did get one thing done that I'd been wanting to get done. Took pictures for a Christmas card, and plus I just wanted to get some more nice pictures done of us. Luckily the rain was kind enough to give us a window but the wind didn't stop.

I still have to decide which one(s) to include in the card. Which one do you like best??? For your enjoyment...

I like #4, #6, #7...counting from the top.

I realize are a bit grainy but it was the time of day with the lighting. We tried the flash and it just didn't look great either. Pretty good for doing these ourselves! Happy Holidays from Arizona. Who knew the desert was so pretty?! If you haven't guessed, I have a thing to try to find the coolest, strangest looking saguaro cactus. It was pretty chilly but nothing like Utah or Northern Arizona with the snow. Colorado hasn't gotten much if any snow yet.

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