Friday, June 29, 2012

The Floor is Comfortable To Sleep On (Day 24-29)

Daily progress on the Juneathon challenge. If you want to know more about the challenge, check out the Juneathon page.

Day 24:

Type: Run
Duration: 17 min
Distance: 1.14
Calories: 150 cals
Juneathon total: 51.72 miles
Day 25: 

Type: Strength
Duration: 25 min
Distance: 0.00
Calories: 100
Juneathon total: 50.58 miles

45 push ups
30 lunges
80 crunches :)
2x45 sec planks

Day 26:

Type: Strength
Duration: 30 min
Distance: 0.00
Calories: 100
Juneathon total: 50.58 miles

45 push ups
50 lunges
80 crunches
2x45 sec planks

Day off. We went to the doc for Jackson's regular appointment. Not much else :)

Day 27:

Type: Walk (at the park)
Duration: 35 min
Distance: 1.2 miles
Calories: 200
Juneathon total: 51.78 miles

GREAT morning walk at the park with my little guy. Watched the ducks!

Day 28:

Type: Strength
Duration: 15 min
Distance: 0.25 miles
Calories: 100
Juneathon total: 50.63 miles

Day 29: 

Type: Running
Duration: 11 minutes
Distance: 0.83
Calories: 100
Juneathon total: 51.46 miles

If that isn't enough of a recap I don't know what is. Gosh, I got bad about posting. Only one day left and you better believe I'll be hitting it hard. This whole month has been a great challenge and what a way to get me back into being active. I'm going to secretly continue the challenge, though not beating myself up if I don't get out there every day. Hey, it's the desert and running outside is pretty brutal when the temperature doesn't even go below 90 F degrees in a day!

I hope you all have enjoyed, or not hated me, for these posts. They will be stopping :)

Go out and be active this weekend!

Yep, this is way more comfortable than that hard-uncomfortable-looking pillow over there. At least I got my doggy with me. (This was post- 9 month check up with 1 shot. Poor guy)

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