Saturday, June 2, 2012

{Heat & Family Life}

Happy Weekend to everyone! If it isn't your weekend yet, like me, Happy Saturday!

Can anyone else believe it is June already?! Wow, time is just flying by. Along with it being June already, the heat has welcomed us back to summer here in the desert. Ah, how we missed  forgot about did not miss you. Alas, more time in the pool and with air conditioning will be spent.

This was yesterday June 1, forecasting 113 degrees for some areas.
Most places in the lower deserts broke/tied records. Why not start summer with a BANG?!

The best thing about the heat this summer: I'm not preggers and the size of a whale, so I should feel quite a bit cooler. Sweet. 

We've started swimming a couple days/nights a week and Jackson seems to like it. He's pretty unsure about it at first, since all he's seen is his small bathtub and this is one huge bathtub to him.

That swimming is tough stuff! He loves his hat though, he wears it like a champ!

Jackson has also been doing great trying out new foods. He wasn't so sure about watermelon, but there is still time. He was more into playing with it and trying to grab the slippery pieces.

And some berries I eat like crazy, can't get enough fruit these days!

Man what a big boy he is getting to be. We had some fun taking pictures of him recently :)

Eating mangoes on a walk with mommy.

Toy mountain around Jackson.

Building and playing in a tent before bedtime.

All this fun wore me out. Gotta have my Uncle Jimmy Bear :)

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