Friday, June 15, 2012

Mexican Food is Back

As promised from this post, I'm giving you some food to stare at and recipes to go try out yourself. 

Pork Fajitas

It's been too long since we've had any Mexican food in this house, so I saw we bring some in! And, I don't make fajitas nearly enough, but come on, this is the simplest meal there is! I never know what else is in fajitas, so its pretty simple here.


3/4 lb thin sliced pork chops, sliced into strips
taco seasoning (or if you're weird like me make your own, below)
3 bell peppers, your choice of color (2 red, 1 green for me)
tortillas (or leave these out if you're going no carb)

Slice up, julienne style, bell peppers and set aside. Season meat and let sit in the fridge for at least an hour, longer is better. I let mine sit for about 2 hours, overnight would work too. When ready, cook meat until 90% cooked through and add bell peppers. Finish cooking, so peppers are soft but not soggy, or cook to your liking.

Super easy, and easy to get things prepped ahead of time. This made enough for 2 people, or 1 person for lunch & dinner. 

Taco Seasoning (make do with what ya got)

Chili Powder
Garlic salt
Salt & Pepper

Season to taste. The main ingredients are Cumin and Chili Powder, at least that I taste/can think of. 

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