Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mama needs new shoes

Running has always been a love of mine. I used to run cross country in middle & high school, though basketball was my first & greater love. I ran cross country just for fun to get in shape for basketball. Yep, I said I ran for fun. Since then I have tried to stay in shape any which way I can. I began training for the Lost Dutchman 1/2 Marathon back in the Fall 2010 as encouraged by a couple co-workers. I really got into it. Then I was pregnant, and so I put it on hold.

Now that I don't have anything in my way, like being preggers (which was actually not all that bad!), I can start to train again. Slow to start of course, since I have quite a ways to go and don't want to injure myself. Reading up on other blogs, as I do most often, I have been following along with running blogs for quite some time now. Not all that I read is cooking and food related!

Some great running blogs include:

Great inspiration, motivation and upbeat blogs to read, among others. 

As for some things I'm excited about, thanks to these lovely blogs:
PRO Compression Socks - Marathon Pink

BIC Bands - Aqua Sparkle

Nuun Hydration drink mix

Now all I need is a new pair of running shoes. Better save up for those :)

Juneathon is going well, 2 days down and 28 more to go! So much fun :)

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Hanna said...

your too sweet. LOVE my BIC bands, and compression socks. I actually ordered some Nun the other day. Just waiting for it to arrive:)