Friday, June 15, 2012

Grandma Said I Could

Mommie-hood has been exciting lately. Here, let me share with you!

Bathtime is always an exciting time. As you can see from the splashes of water on the mirror we don't like to keep any water in the bathtub! I think he's practicing for the Olympics. He's a bit calm in this shot. I had to take what I could before my camera got drenched.

Morning play time in the crib. He loves when I duck down below and he can't see me, then I come back up and surprise him. The little things :)

Swimming in our baby pool on the porch.

Can't forget lifeguard Lucy. She's here to make sure everything is going well. And that no crickets or bugs are nearby. Heaven forbid she has to get in the water to save anyone.

Having a snack. "Grandma said I could" isn't this the motto of life?!

On a walk to find ducks in the nearby ponds. No luck. So we chewed on the keychain for a bit. Did I mention we're getting another tooth, on top? Jackson is, I'm all full.

Sleeping holding on to a handle. We know this ride is a violent one and needs a handle. So funny!

That's the past week or so in pictures, during my daytime awakeness anyway.

If you've got this far, thanks. What do you think of the title being a random phrase from the blog? Confusing? Misleading? Funny? Hate it?

Happy Friday & TGIF to you all!

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Christy said...

Aw my fav is 3rd from the bottom. So cute!!

I like random titles. lol