Thursday, June 14, 2012

Staple Food--Fried Rice

I'll take one order of this please. 

That's Pork Fried Rice, as promised from this post talking about a bunch of good food. Remember?

Fried Rice has become a staple for us. It has been a while since I've made some, but it is so easy and when you love rice like we do, its a great go-to meal. I personally love steamed white or brown rice, but fried rice is also good too.

Pork Fried Rice

2 cups steamed white or brown rice, cooled
1/2 to 1 cup frozen peas (or veggie of your choice)
1/2 lb pork, sliced into strips (think stir fry)
2 eggs
Soy Sauce
Hot sauce (I use Siracha)

Marinade pork in soy sauce (about 3 tablespoons, or whatever "looks" like enough) for at least 1 hour. I did mine overnight. Steam rice and set aside to cool. I let mine cool overnight in the fridge. Easier this way! Cook pork in a pan until cooked through. Add eggs and scramble. Next, add in rice while heat is still on medium high. Poor soy sauce over, covering rice until most of the top is covered. It really is up to you how much you like soy sauce or how strongly flavored you want. I go for a medium flavor. Toss rice in the pan and cook for a few minutes to get the flavor and things mixed up. Next, add in some frozen peas. Cook for another few minutes to "thaw" out peas and get them warm. 

This is great warmed up the next day for lunch. Add in hot sauce to your liking. This works as a side dish or a whole meal itself. This made enough for a good size bowl for both of us with left overs for each of us for lunch the next day. This can be halved too. 

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