Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hello Arizona, The clouds are coming

The Monsoon has arrived in Arizona. Even though it may not seem like it quite yet, we're on the look out for storms. Dust storms have made us pretty newsworthy over the past year (read haboob) and some of the most amazing video, timelapse and photography have come out of it.

Here's to another active summer. But maybe a little less dust?!

These pictures are from Wednesday June 27th. Looking to the southeast.


Christy said...

So I lived east of the valley during last summer (my first AZ summer)! We had gobs of crazy monsoon storms literally every night. They were really fun. Does the valley get many? I wanna see a haboob...I have read so much about them. Seriously who names these things. A man obviously. lol

Hanna said...

Good, it will cool down and you run:)

Neon Blonde Runner said...

oh wow that'd be tough to post every day for the month of june, I'd fail at that!! Nice work!! Thanks for stopping by :)